How can Muscle Activation Technique™ help your golf game?

The unique thing about MAT™is its ability to locate and address the loss of individual muscle function. That loss of flexibility causes a disruption in the nervous system decreasing its ability to sense a force and respond with a muscular contraction. This can lead to a decrease in muscular performance and output. MAT™has been on the rise with popularity due to its systematic and unique approach. When muscles are able to contact better the body will increase in flexibility, control, and stability. Providing the opportunity for the individual to golf better and longer.

What is included in the FREE 1 hour Golf Consultation?

The goal is to determine if the Motor Mechanics Assessment is for you.

  • A detailed conversation on where your body and golf game breaks down and to determine if we can help.

  • An explanation of what Muscle Activation Technique® is and how it can help your golf game.

  • After agreeing MAT™ is the direction for you, we dive into the Global Motor Mechanics Screen. This is a brief overall view of the body’s motor control capabilities. This Screen is used to locate areas of pain, compensation, Mobility dysfunction, and body awareness — which indirectly could be hindering your golf game.

  • The goal is to set up for the Motor Mechanics Assessment and dive deeper into the areas of concern.

  • You will be given an detailed health history to fill out and bring back to the Motor Mechanics Assessment.

The Motor Mechanics Assessment: This is a 2 day process.

Day 1: Based on the Global Motor Mechanics Screen (GMMS), complaint(s), and Health History

  • We dive deeper and perform a personalize Joint Range of Motion Assessment.

  • Girth measurements

  • Standing and Supine posture assessment

Day 2: A detailed Recovery => Performance Plan

  • A projected plan and initial cost

  • Golf Mobility Profile or Mobility Profile (non-golfers)

  • Client and Professional Expectations

  • First Muscle Activation Techniques Test session

The goal is to figure out where exactly your issues are, correct them, then move into the Golf Fitness.