Welcome to Golf MATchanics 

(formally known as Muscular System Solutions)

We are the only full service Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) performance facility in Chicago and Chicago North Shore focused on the golf community. 

Move Better. Play Better.

Golf MATchanics is a Muscle Activation Techniques clinic, specializing in improving muscle function, by providing a unique system focused on helping golfers move better, by addressing the areas of the body that have mobility, muscular output, and motor control dysfunction.

We have uniquely blended the Titleist Performance Institute Screen (TPI), TPI Level 2 Medical, Selective Functional Movement Assessment,  Greg Roskopf's Muscle Activation Techniques™, Functional Movement Screen, and TPI Fitness to create Golf MATchanics.

We strictly focus on the medical and fitness side of golf. We understand the golf swing mechanics. We break down the joint kinematics of each position of your golf swing to find there the body is being hindered. We then use Muscle Activation Techniques™ (MAT) to increase flexibility and improve strength in the areas that lack muscular stability, alleviating the areas of compensation causing pain, discomfort, or dysfunction, which are affecting your golf game. We then integrate the golfer into a strength and performance program to keep his or her body golf fit.

We are not golf pros.

We will use similar tools as your golf pro, but only for the diagnosis purposes. We also may discuss sequences of your golf swing and what may or should occur, but only for the purpose to explain the important of being able to achieve these positions during your golf swing. Your inability may be one of the reasons why your game is being hindered. We will work hand and hand with your golf pro to help you achieves the most efficient golf game possible.

We strive to

  • To provide the highest level of Muscle Activation Technique available to our clients.

  • Build unbreakable relationships with our golf community

  • Always be true to our clients by being open and honest

  • Educate our clients and the golf community about the importance of a healthy muscular system

  • Build a united front with other medical/ fitness providers in the sole direction of our clients golf goals

At Golf MATchanics, we are muscular system experts, if we’re working through a recovery plan or progressed into an performance plan, specific questions will determine our thought process every day.

  • What is his or her body limitation(s)? Can I improve it?

  •  When and where is the pain created?

  • Where does he or she break down in the golf sequence?

  • Does he or she have good body awareness?

  • Does he or she have past injuries/surgeries that change normal joint kinematics?

  • What is his or her specific problem area and how do you keep that area from breaking down?

  • How do you increase his or her overall body tolerance of their golf game?

  • Are we assisting you in reaching your golf goals?

If you have better joint function, your body will be able to better tolerate the repetition of the golf swing, have less breakdown between rounds, quicker recovery, and develop better awareness and control of your body to enhance your golf game.