Our goal is to provide the highest level of Muscle Activation Techniques™ (MAT), not only for golfers, but for everyone in the Chicagoland area by helping people age, feel, move, and recover better.


Our passion is golf, but everyone should feel be able to move better to play better. We work with men, women, and adolescents from 15 - 90 years of age, not only looking to golf better but also who are looking to improve joint pain, progression after physical therapy, athletic performance, or just looking for something new to keep them feeling good. We understand the importance of a healthy muscular system, with over 15 years of MAT Experience. We offer an extensive background of anatomy, physics, joint & exercise mechanics, exercise & muscle progression.

Our muscles are responsible for moving us, keeping us warm, absorbing forces, and most importantly keeping our joints healthy and able to respond to any type of situation.  A muscular system which is properly taken care of can keep us living our lives the way we want to, pain free.

Each practitioner is up to date with their certification. They are either or combination of the following:

  • Muscle Activation Techniques: Specialist Certified

  • Muscle Activation Techniques: Mastery Level Certified

  • Muscle Activation Techniques: RX Wrist/ hand and Foot Certified

  • Muscle Activation Techniques: RX Full Body Certified

What is MAT™

Muscle Activation Techniques®(MAT) Is A Unique Process To Evaluate Muscle Contraction Efficiency. Loss Of Muscle Contraction Results In A Decreased Range Of Motion And Therefore Decreases Physical Performance.

Range Of Motion Testing Can Indicate Which Muscles Have Decreased Contractibility. Precise Forces Are Then Applied To Restore That Muscle’s Efficiency. A MAT® Certified Specialist Is Trained To Perform Several Force Application Techniques That Can Restore Function And Strengthen Weak Muscles.

MAT® Is A Revolutionary Approach To Correct Muscular Imbalances, Joint Instability And Limitations Wth Range Of Motion. It's A Non-Invasive Technique Designed To Balance The Muscular System For People Of All Ages. It Will "Jumpstart" The Muscles And Get Them At Maximum Efficiency.

Who Invented MAT™

Greg Roskopf Has Devoted His Career To The Study Of The “Cause And Effect” Of The Muscular System And How It Relates To Pain.  As The Author Of The Roskopf Principle And The Founder Of Muscle Activation Techniques® He Not Only Developed The MAT® Program But Also Created A Curriculum For This Technique That Has Been Taught To Students All Across The Globe. Muscle Activation Techniques® Fills The Gap Between The Medical And The Exercise Fields. Greg Has Over Two Decades Of Experience Applying MAT®To His Clients And Developing Students Into Competent And Respected Practitioners.

Greg Has Worked As A Consultant For Various Professional Sports Teams Including: The Denver Broncos, The Utah Jazz, And The Denver Nuggets.  Beyond This, Greg Works With Clients At All Physical Capability Levels Who Are Looking To Address Challenges They Experience Due To Injury, Stress, Or Trauma To Their Muscular System.  To Learn More About Mr. Roskopf And How MAT™ Was Developed Go To Www.Muscleactivation.Com And Download His Free Ebook. 

I don't golf. Can you help me?

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) addresses the muscular system to improve function so the individual can feel and move better. So if you have a muscular system then MAT is for you!

Can MAT™ help with my joint pains?

Absolutely! MAT™can help with your joint pain.

Muscles Main Job Is To Contract Around A Joint To Keep The Joints Moving Individually And Harmoniously With Surrounding Joints.  When Muscles Stop Contacting Efficiently Other Joints Will Pick Up The Slack Or Compensate.  MAT™ Can Locate The Weak Muscles And Help Eliminate The Compensation Which May Be The Cause Of The Joint Pain. 

Can MAT™ help after physical therapy?

Picture This. You Just Graduated From Physical Therapy For A Muscle Injury Or Surgery, Either You Are 100% Recovered, Feeling Good Not Great, Or Still Needs Help To Over Come The Issue.  What Are You Going To Do?

MAT™ Can Help In All Three Scenarios.  Since MAT® Is Exercise Based,  MAT™ Can Keep Progressing Your Issue By Improving The Muscular System This Will Make Sure The Problem Doesn't Return And Continually Getting Better, But On The Flip Side.  Through The Muscular System Solution MAT® Specific Assessment Individuals Are Catapulted, After Physical Therapy, To Dig Deeper Into The Sections Of The Muscular System That Were Compromised And Figure Out What Caused The Problem In The First Place.

The Muscles That Are Still Imbalanced Can Decrease The Integrity Of The Joint. This Can Leave You Vulnerable For Re-Injury, New Injury, Or Surgery Due To Overcompensation.

Can MAT™ help keep my joints healthy?

Yes! One Of The Goals Muscular System Solutions Is Trying To Protect The Uneven Breakdown Of Hyaline Cartilage By Locating Muscular Imbalances.  Muscles Are Strategically Placed Around Each Joint To Function For Each Joint.  When The Muscles Shorten Optimally, Then Joint Will Be Able To Provide The Motion We So Dearly Desire.  Muscle Imbalances Occur When Not All Muscles Are Performing At Their Optimal Capability.  This Means If There Are 10 Muscles Around A Joint, But Not All 10 Are Doing Their Job.  This Is What Leads To Uneven Wear And Tear On The Hyaline Cartilage Surfaces.  If We Want Our Joints To Be Healthy And Have Even Wear Between The Contact Surface Of The Two Bones And Not Wear Out Too Fast, Then We Need To Keep Our Muscular System Healthy. So, If The Muscles Are Doing Their Job And Able To Shorten Correctly, Then This Will Provide Even Wearing On The Hyaline Cartilage, And At The Same Time Keeping The Hyaline Cartilage Healthy By Allowing Imbibition To Occur.

Can MAT™ help me improve as an athlete?

Absolutely! MAT® Was Initially Created By Greg Roskophf For Athletes To Keep Their Bodies Able To Handle The Grueling Stresses Of Sports Day In And Day Out.

Imagine A Baseball Team With Six Players Instead Of Nine.   Those Six Players Will Be Overworked, Exhausted And Not As Effect As They Would Be If All Nine Showed Up. This Is Similar To Muscular Weakness.  You Need ALL Your Muscles To Be Firing On All Cylinders To Avoid Overuse And Injury, And To Increase Performance And Timing.

Three Of The Biggest Benefits Of MAT® For Athletes Is The Ability To Improve The Muscular Tolerance Of The Weak Muscles, Decreasing Injury, And Aiding In The Recovery Process.

MAT® Is Able To Reconnect The Muscles That Have Been Shut Down Through The  High Amount Of Repetition Demand So The Athlete Can Continue Pushing Their Bodies And Lasting Longer During The Season Without Ending Their Season Early Do To Injury Or Body Breakdown.

Can MAT™ help with arthritis and aging?

Yes! MAT® Is An Exercise-Based Process And Research On Exercise And Its Ability To Improve Health Is Well Established. It Is Acknowledged That Muscles Are Designed To Stabilize The Joints, So Any Improvement In Muscle Function May Prevent The Loss Of Physical Performance Often Associated With Arthritis And Aging. Many Times A Loss In Muscle Mass, Or Sarcopenia, Is Seen With Aging. Because MAT® Ensures That Each Muscle Is Receiving A Signal To Contract, When You Exercise With Load, Your Body Will Now Have The Ability To Maintain Or Gain Muscle Mass, Thus Reducing Or Eliminating Sarcopenia. This Can Also Reduce Joint Stresses That Lead To, Or Exacerbate, Arthritic Conditions.

Is MAT™ covered by insurance?

Unfortunately It Is Not, Unless You Are A Licensed Physical Therapist Or Chiropractor Who Is Certified In MAT, Which There Aren't ANY In Chicago.

The Benefit Of MAT® Is The Ability To Address The Root Cause Rather Than Addressing The Symptom.   By Going Through The Muscular System Solutions MAT® Specific Assessment The Practioner Is Able To Address The Area Of Pain But Also Look In Different Areas Which Could Be A Huge Driver In Causing The Issue.   More Importantly The MAT® Practitioner Is Able To Assess, Execute, And Improve Without Needing A Prescription From The Doctor. 

Is MAT™ a type of physical therapy?

Well... Yes And No.  The Only Way MAT® Can Be Considered Physical Therapy Is If A Licensed Physical Therapist Gets Certified As An MAT® Practitioner.

MAT® Is A Precise And Focused Exercise Process That Can Be Used As An Adjunct To Any Number Of Other Exercise Processes. MAT® Can Help An Individual Prepare For Exercise, Help Someone Sustain An Exercise Program And Support Rehabilitation For Certain Conditions When Deemed Appropriate By Medical Providers.